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How can the deformity after massive weight loss in the upper arm be treated?

To restore the body shape in the upper arm area, the adjacent regions – elbow/forearm, armpit and side chest wall – must always be considered and corrected if necessary.

If there is a significant excess of soft tissue after the fat mass has been reduced through weight loss, the excess skin must be removed, i.e. an arm lift in Dubai procedure must be done.

Surgery to remove extra skin and fat from a person’s armpit and elbow is known as arm lift surgery or Brachioplasty, is one of the procedure for body contouring in Dubai. People’s upper arms may appear drooping or sagging due to body changes, ageing naturally, or hereditary reasons. Exercise alone might not be enough to treat this issue, and surgery may be required to alter the arm’s shape. Arm lifts help create a more toned and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the arm. 

The arm lift in Dubai by Prof Dr Robert Hierner aids in eliminating localised pockets of fat in the upper arm and extra drooping skin that hangs downward. The underlying tissue that supports and defines the contour of the upper arm can also be tightened and smoothed during the surgery. The length and style of the incisions made during the procedure will depend on where and how much extra skin needs to be removed. Typically, the back or inside of the arm is where the incisions are performed. The extra fat can then be surgically removed.

The appearance of loose skin can hang and flap like a wingsuit deformitywith any arm motion. Although the arm muscles have been toned, stretched skin and extra fat can mask muscular definition. These problems are more frequent if you have lost a lot of weight.

Arm Lift in Dubai

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Prof Dr Robert Hierner performs an arm lift in Dubai with an axilla and chest lift to give you a taut and proportionate upper body. Prof. Dr Robert has extensive expertise in Dubai’s body contouring industry and has handled numerous cases successfully and accurately. 

With over 30 years of experience and a diverse educational background from top universities nationally and internationally, he can effortlessly provide the most advanced techniques for arm lift in Dubai.


After experiencing significant weight loss, you may have loose skin around the upper arms and the adjacent armpit (axilla). In a small number of patient there also is a significant skin excess at the forearm.  Excess skin at the upper arm/axilla and in some cases forearm.

A brachioplasty slims the arms to a more youthful cotour and instills a new confidence in patients who never would have gone out sleeveless before.

This procedure may take anywhere from one to three hours; general anesthesia is used. In the procedure, a long incision is made on the inside of the arm from just under the armpit to just above the elbow. If ecessary, fat may be excised or treated with lipoplasty techniques. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures or stitches. The scars will not be visible when arms are at rest by your sides. 


Pain after brachioplasty or arm lift is moderate. With adequate postoperative pain medication (Arcoxia 90mg 1-0-0 for 5 – 7 days) pain after brachioplasty is considered moderate. 

Since an arm lift involves an incision to remove extra skin, there will be a scar. Your incision line will continue to refine as you heal. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight for the first 12 months after surgery. This helps to avoid discoloration of the scar. The scar may be bright pink at first but will fade to your normal skin color over time

Normal life activities (< 3 kg) can be done the next day. If you have a sedentary job, you can expect to return to work just one week after your brachioplasty. However, if your job is physically demanding, you should expect to take around two weeks off from work following your brachioplasty. Real heavy weight lifting should not be done before the 4th to 6th postoperative week.

With Prof Dr Robert Hierner, You Are In The Safest Hands.