Key consideration to keep in mind before breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a life-changing procedure for many women experiencing physical and emotional discomfort due to huge breasts. According to studies, breast reduction surgery significantly reduces depression and anxiety among female patients.

Understanding breast reduction

Before Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is becoming increasingly popular for reducing the size & volume and reshaping large breasts. 

This surgery removes excessive breast tissues, fats, and skin from the breast to achieve a  proportionate and comfortable breast size. In addition to cosmetic benefits, Breast reduction surgery in Dubai is a severe procedure. It is essential to be well-informed and prepared before undergoing the procedure.

What to know about breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery may be life-changing surgery. You must be aware of a few things. Things to keep in mind before breast reduction surgery include:

  • Meeting certain requirements

An individual must meet specific requirements, restrictions, and criteria before breast reduction surgery.

The following requirements and criteria are needed for breast reduction surgery:

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Not pregnant or nurturing mother
  • Should not have any medical condition affecting bleeding or clotting
breast reduction pre-op
  • Losing sensitivity- Breast tissues are reduced in breast reduction surgery, which includes repositioning and removing nerve endings, resulting in nipples and breast losing their sensitivity.   Also, due to the mixture of anesthetic and your body’s natural healing progress, the sensation in your breasts will decrease immediately after surgery.
  • Potential impact on milk production and breastfeeding– The likelihood of milk ducts and mammary glands being affected post-surgery dramatically depends on the surgery’s extent. In substantial breast reduction surgery, milk ducts and mammary glands may be removed, affecting milk production. You’ll have to discuss your future feeding plans with your surgeon prior.


Note:  Milk ducts and nipple areola can be intact complexly during breast reduction surgery except in the most extensive procedures. 

  • Recovery period- The recovery period depends on age, genetics, diet, the extent of reduction, and post-surgery care. After surgery, typically between 2-6 weeks are required to return to everyday life. 
  • May have everlasting scars- In breast reduction surgery, incisions are made during surgery in a ‘lollipop’ or ‘anchor’   shape in front of the breast and leave noticeable scars. However is very big breast there is a technique than only a horizontal scar in the breast fold will result.

With proper scare care and many scare techniques, it can minimize and fade the scars.

  • Immediately feel light after breast reduction surgery- Breast reduction surgery removes excessive fat, tissues, and skin from the breast, which relieves strain and discomfort caused by large and heavy breasts.
  • Improvement in overall health- Breast reduction surgery positively impacts overall health.
  • Alleviation of Physical Discomfort
  • Improved Posture
  • Reduction in Skin Irritation
  • Relief from Breathing Difficulties
  • Improved Sleep

How does breast reduction surgery work?

Breast reduction surgery involves the following steps:

  • The breast reduction pre-op involves pattern discussion for making incisions during the surgery.
  • The surgeon will make incisions in pre-determined pattern marks (planned on the standing patient)  and surgical technique.
  • Breast reduction removes excessive breast tissues and fat to reduce breast size and reshape the remaining tissue during surgery.  
  • For creating a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance, nipple, and areolas repositioning is done.
  • After surgery, a post-operative compression bra must be worn for proper shaping of the operated breasts for 6 weeks day and night

Emotional well-being is important!

Breast reduction surgery significantly improves emotional well-being, increases self-confidence and a positive self-image, and eliminates the emotional burden of low self-esteem, social discomfort, and body image concerns.

Critically choose facilities and anesthesia for safety

Breast reduction surgery is an intensive surgery. Dr. Robert Hierner for surgery provides accredited facilities and anesthesia at the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

Males can also undergo breast reduction surgery to treat gynecomastia that causes male breast enlargement. Male breast enlargement can also happen because of obesity, hormonal imbalances, genetics, or medications.

Consult Professor Dr. Robert Hierner for breast reduction surgery

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