What should you know about Body Contour Restoration
after Massive Weight Loss?

body contouring after weight loss

As a result of the severe weight loss, there is a significant excess of inelastic skin, also known as saggy skin (with the typical formation of sagging skin sacs with deep creases and chronic skin inflammation).

The following principles should be considered when planning and performing body contouring in Dubai after weight loss through various restoration surgeries:

  • the desired body weight should be reached and stable for at least 3 – 6 months. Postoperative weight changes affect the outcome of the operation.
  • Wound healing depends on the general condition of the patient. Possible deficiencies (Iron, vitamin B12, protein, zinc, selenium, …) must be balanced before the operation.
  • Smoking has an influence on the development of possible wound healing disorders after the operation. Smoking should be at least greatly reduced before surgery, if not stopped completely 6 weeks beforehand.
  • Skin conditions are important to know for the timing and risk of surgery. Any chronic inflammation should definitely be treated dermatologically before the operation.
  • Body contouring after massive weight loss are usually major interventions performed under general anesthesia
  • An accurate analysis of the body deformities of the individual patient is essential. One should start with the correction of the body deformity that bothers the patient the most. To restore the total body shape, 3-4 operations are necessary with a minimum interval of 6 – 12 months.
  • Body Shaping operations have long scars, which may not be possible to place in creases that are not visible. Standardised postoperative scar treatment is an integral part of the treatment. Minor scar revisions are always necessary and are carried out as part of the subsequent operation(s).
  • Postoperative compression therapy with fitted compression garments for at least 6 weeks has a positive influence on the course of the postoperative swelling and ultimately on the result.

A well-planned recovery operation has:

  • low complication rate
  • appealing results, if correct indication, proper operation, and the postoperative discipline of the patient
  • high patient satisfaction (thighs > upper arms > chest > abdomen)
  • long-lasting results provided that weight is kept constant and the level of exercise is not reduced.

In order to help patients suffering from excess skin and fat after massive weight loss quickly and comprehensively, we have set up a special consultation for body contouring in Dubai.  Only a detailed doctor / patient consultation forms the basis for successful individual treatment. The aim is to create an individually tailored treatment plan for the patient, with which an optimal treatment result can be achieved with the lowest possible risk. So book an appointment with Prof Dr Robert Hierner to discuss your body contouring goals after you have had massive weight loss.


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