How does breast lift/reduction work? Will it be beneficial after weight loss?

breast lift surgery after weight loss

It happens to every woman. Age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations lead to saggy breasts, as they lose suppleness over time. 

A breast lift surgery after massive weight loss, is a surgical procedure to tighten, contour, and raise the breasts. Asymmetry and other flaws can also be reduced by it. 

Breast lift surgery after weight loss is also combined with breast augmentation or reduction as a treatment for saggy breasts. 

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to remove the loose skin, alter the size and form of your breasts. An expert in plastic surgery can:

  • Elevate the breasts.
  • Improve the symmetry or similarity of your breasts.
  • Make your areola (the dark area surrounding the nipple) smaller and face forward rather than downward.
  • Eliminate any extra skin that may have gotten longer with time.
  • Make your breasts appear more rounded by reshaping them.
  • To properly support your nipples and areolas, tighten the tissue in your breasts.

Why do people get breast lift surgery?

Breasts observe changes with age. Your breasts could stretch, sag, or droop and lose their suppleness. Some causes are:

  • Ageing.
  • Breastfeeding a baby on the chest.
  • Inheritance, or that sagging breasts “run in the family.”
  • Gravity.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Significant loss of weight.


Your breasts may appear younger and firmer after mastopexy. A breast lift after weight loss can also eliminate perceived flaws like:

  • Downward-pointing areolas.
  • Nipples that point in different directions.
  • Breasts that are uneven or unequal.
breast reconstruction in dubai

What happens before surgery of breast lift surgery after weight loss?

Before undergoing a breast lift surgery after weight loss, there are a few important steps that a patient must take. These include:

  • Your goals and expectations from the mastopexy lift.
  • Your medical background, including any existing illnesses, allergies, past operations, and mammography findings.
  • If there are hereditary problems like a family history of breast cancer.
  • Any medications you’re on, including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and blood thinners.
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs.

The surgeon will also:

  • Measure and examine your breast.
  • Use a marker or a pen to draw on the surface.
  • Capture images of your breasts.
  • Review your mastopexy possibilities and offer suggestions.
  • Talk about using anaesthesia to manage pain and the dangers of surgery.

You will be asked to sign a consent form if you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery after weight loss and choose to proceed. You authorize your surgeon to carry out the procedure by signing it. You also concur that you have reasonable expectations and know the procedure’s hazards.

Your plastic surgeon might request that you:

  • Consult your primary care physician about getting blood tests or getting a physical check.
  • Get a mammogram.
  • Stop using tobacco products and smoking.
  • Stop using some medications, such as NSAIDs, aspirin, and herbal supplements.

What does an incision for a breast lift surgery look like?

Your doctor will advise you on the kind of incision based on the following:

  • Size and form of the breast.
  • How much excess skin you have and how elastic or stretched your skin is.
  • Just how much your breasts sag.
  • Position and size of the areola.


Types of incisions include:

breast lift surgery dubai

Crescent: Your areola has a half-circle-shaped cut running down it. Only ladies with minimal saggy skin are often candidates for breast augmentation with this method.

Donut: This typical incision rings the entire areola like a doughnut.

Lollipop or vertical lift: This incision circles your areola completely before descending vertically from your areola to your breast crease. This is an additional common kind of incision.

T-shaped or anchor: This incision travels across your areola, down to your breast crease vertically, and then along your breast crease horizontally. People with more sagging or who have breast reductions frequently use it.

Breast reconstruction procedure - Aftercare

Most patients return home the same day. You should have someone accompany you the first night and drive you home. A tiny tube to drain fluid and stop swelling could be placed close to one or more incisions.

You will receive recovery instructions from your surgical team. They may consist of the following:

  • Replacing the bandages and taking care of the drains.
  • Moving with caution. You could be asked to refrain from raising your arms above your head. You can carry out your regular tasks with little difficulty keeping your elbows by your sides.
  • Reporting any complications.
  • Laying on your back to sleep.
  • Taking medications (such as tablets or ointments) to manage pain or stop infection.
  • Wearing a special bra for supporting and healing.

Note: A breast lift should have outcomes that persist for several years. However, over time, your breasts will continue to endure the typical effects of ageing. The outcomes of a breast lift surgery after weight loss may be impacted by pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

How is breast lift surgery after weight loss beneficial?

There are several ways in which breast lift surgery in Dubai can be beneficial after weight loss:

  • Restoring Breast Shape and Symmetry: Weight loss can cause significant changes to the shape and symmetry of the breasts, leaving them saggy and uneven. Mastopexy lift can help to restore a more youthful and symmetrical breast shape by removing excess skin and reshaping the remaining tissue.
  • Improved Breast Appearance: A breast lift surgery after weight loss can help to enhance the appearance of the breasts, making them firmer, smoother, and more lifted. This can improve the patient’s confidence and self-esteem after significant weight loss.
  • Relief from Physical Discomfort: Sagging breasts can often cause physical discomforts, such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. Mastopexy can alleviate these symptoms by removing excess skin and tissue, reducing the weight and strain on the chest and back.
  • Improved Clothing Fit: Sagging breasts can make it challenging to find clothing that fits properly, particularly bras and swimwear. Mastopexy can help to improve the fit of clothing, allowing patients to wear a wider range of styles and feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Breast lift/reduction results are long-lasting, particularly if patients maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. While the breasts will continue to age naturally, the improvements made during the surgery can provide lasting benefits for many years.

Breast lift surery in dubai s a major surgical procedure that a qualified surgeon should only perform. Patients should also be aware that there are risks associated with any surgical procedure, including infection, bleeding,  scarring, and complications related to anaesthesia.

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