Breast Lift Surgery Post Weight-Loss

breast lift surgery dubai

Losing weight with exercise and a nutritious diet or bariatric surgery is a terrific approach to improving your health, quality of life, and self-esteem if you are overweight. At the same time, losing weight affects the entire body, and while many women focus on having a flatter, healthier tummy, they are astonished to discover that their bust also becomes flatter and saggy.

A Breast Lift Surgery Dubai or Mastopexy is an excellent possibility for women who want to reduce sagginess or drooping around the breast area after undergoing massive weight loss naturally or through a procedure.

What is Breast Lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery Dubai is a breast reconstruction procedure that improves the form, look, and contours of the breasts. Women’s breasts might sag for various causes, including age, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, heredity, lifestyle, etc. A breast lifting treatment revitalises the figure while elevating and rejuvenating the breast profile.

How can breast lift help weight-loss patients?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that lifts and redefines the shape of the breast. However, it will NOT raise the size of your bust; therefore, if you have lost weight and want to return your bust to its original size, you should consult with our cosmetic surgeon regarding breast augmentation.

How is breast lift surgery in Dubai different for weight loss patients?

The majority of weight reduction patients require skin removal around the areola (brown skin surrounding the nipples) and from the breasts. Scars can range from a horizontal scar, an inverted “T” to a vertical scar from the bottom of the areola to the breast fold. Moreover, a minimally invasive treatment can be performed with merely a scar around the areola. However, this is unusual in most weight reduction patients due to the degree of skin laxity present.

Is Breast Lift surgery ideal for all weight loss patients?

As you might understand, there is no “one fits for all” type of plastic surgery solution. This is because various additional factors might influence the outcome of a surgical procedure, which patients should be aware of while determining which plastic surgery option is ideal for them.

The factors could be the following:

  • Medical history
  • Whether the patient intends to have children in the future

Can you get breast lift surgery if you aren’t at your ideal weight?

Yes, patients of practically any weight can have a breast lift surgery dubai But the surgery outcomes will be considerably more stable if your current weight is as close to your ideal weight as possible. Many surgeons also recommend waiting until your weight has been steady for a while before doing a breast lift.

By when can I start exercising after a breast lift procedure?

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy physique. Your plastic surgeon’s postoperative instructions will be based on your specific case and desired outcomes. However, most plastic surgeons advise their patients to wait at least six weeks before returning to vigorous upper body exercises. Workouts like gentle walking or stationary bike can normally begin a little earlier.

Did you just undergo a weight loss procedure? Then, look for a specialised bari-plastic surgeon for your breast lift surgery Dubai.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner is a highly renowned plastic surgeon in Dubai having more than 30 years of experience in body contouring in Dubai. He specialises in various body reconstruction and rehabilitation procedures. He is considered to be a senior consultant surgeon at many well-known hospitals. He holds a successful track record of performing several aesthetic surgeries for massive weight loss patients with precise, expected and desired outcomes.

So, if you are willing to get a breast lift surgery Dubai, book an appointment with Prof Dr Robert.

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