Skin Removal Surgery - What it is and What to expect

skin removal surgery in dubai

You may need body contouring if you have reached your weight loss goal but are still dealing with loose skin.

Read on to learn more about skin removal surgery, what it is, and what to expect.

What is skin removal surgery?

Surgery to remove excess skin from the body is known as skin removal surgery. These processes fall under the category of plastic surgery in some cases.

After a large weight loss, the skin gets loose. This is due to the possibility of extra skin in some locations following significant weight loss. The stomach, belly, arms, face, or breasts are common areas for skin removal surgery in Dubai.

In this post, we go over the different kinds of loose skin removal surgery and offer more beneficial details.

The incisions will leave scars on your body. The surgeon will try to make any incisions or a crease in your skin in hidden regions that won’t be as obvious. For instance, incisions are made in the pubic area or bikini line after panniculectomy or tummy tuck procedures.

Types of excess skin removal surgery

Skin removal surgery comes in a variety of forms that target specific body parts. The most typical varieties include:


Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty in Dubai is a technique that entails tightening the abdominal wall muscles and removing extra skin from the abdominal region.

abdominoplasty in dubai


This non-cosmetic treatment removes extra skin from beneath the abdominal button, according to a reliable source. It is different from a abdominoplasty in that a significant amount of extra skin covering the stomach, genitalia, and thighs is removed. Additionally, the surgeon typically won’t replace the belly button or fix the abdominal muscles.


 A Brachioplasty is commonly referred to as an arm lift in Dubai. The upper arm’s skin is removed, which reduces any drooping and tightens and smoothes the tissues there.


A surgeon trims extra skin and fat from the breasts during a mastopexy. It could be referred to as breast reduction surgery in Dubai. During this treatment, the surgeon could also need to reposition the nipple.


Also referred to as a face lift surgery Dubai, this procedure helps remove extra skin from the neck. The surgery aims to make the face and neck look younger.

face lift surgery dubai


This treatment is called a belt lipectomy and a lower body lift. It may be performed with an abdominoplasty or a panniculectomy and involves removing extra skin from the sides and back of the torso.


The thighplasty treatment, often known as a thigh lift in Dubai, involves removing extra skin from the inner thighs.

Who is eligible for excess skin removal surgery in Dubai?

A person is a suitable candidate for skin removal surgery after significant weight loss if they meet the following criteria:

  • They understand that skin removal surgery may leave scars and not give them a beautiful figure.
  • They have maintained their desired weight for six months.
  • They are in good overall health and can take time off work to recover.
  • Avoid using tobacco products or smoking. Smoking might raise the risk of surgical complications and hinder wound healing.

If a person has had bariatric surgery—a weight loss surgery—they can also be eligible for skin removal surgery. This kind of surgery modifies the digestive tract to aid with weight loss.

Most loose skin removal surgeries, including breast reductions and facelifts, are considered aesthetic procedures. Anyone may choose to undergo these procedures. A plastic surgeon will evaluate each person to see if they are a good candidate.

Preparing for skin removal surgery

When preparing for excess skin removal surgery, follow your doctor’s advice. You might have to:

  • Get blood tests (lab tests).
  • Stop using some medications, such as aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, that make bleeding more likely. (NSAIDs).
  • Do not consume herbal and vitamin supplements.
  • Give up using tobacco products or smoking as it leads to complications.

What to expect during loose skin removal surgery in Dubai?

A patient is given general anaesthesia at the beginning of their skin removal procedure. 

After a procedure, a person may occasionally spend the night in a hospital or clinic. The majority of the time, this treatment is outpatient, and the patient can generally go home the same day. The doctor may advise an overnight stay if required.

Removing extra skin requires extensive surgery. For a few weeks, pain is to be expected. The doctor will recommend painkillers and advise you on reducing discomfort.

Moving around, climbing stairs, or getting off the couch could cause extra discomfort. Having a family member or other support person stay with you throughout the first week of recovery may be beneficial.

Recovery from excess skin removal surgery

The specific operation will determine how long you must recover after surgery. While some people could need a few weeks to heal, others might only need a few days.

The medical staff may insert temporary tubes to drain fluid from a patient’s body. After the surgery, the person might need to limit their physical activity and refrain from driving for about a week. Compression clothing or surgical support may be required in some circumstances.

Patients might be unable to stand up straight for a few days after abdominal skin removal procedures.

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