When Should you consider a Breast Reduction Surgery

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Do you often find yourself adjusting your bra and feeling uncomfortable with the size of your breast?

According to studies, most women are unhappy with their breasts' natural size.

Some choose to undergo breast reduction surgery in Dubai, while some women prefer to have breast augmentation treatments to produce rounder, fuller breasts. 

Women who feel their enormous breasts negatively affect their personal or professional lives often seek breast reduction surgery. In addition, patients whose breast size gives them physical discomfort, such as back pain or neck strain, may also find it a useful alternative.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, commonly referred to as reduction mammaplasty, involves the removal of breast skin, breast tissue, and fat. Breast reduction surgery in Dubai aims to reduce discomfort and improve the look. 

Moreover, breast reduction surgery could enhance one’s sense of self and capacity for physical activity. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend the potential problems associated with breast reduction surgery. Knowing what the procedure can and cannot do is also crucial.

When should I think about getting a breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery aims to create natural-looking, body proportionate breasts that won’t burden you. You may consider if

You struggle with constant pain

Large breasts may cause persistent shoulder, back, or neck pain. A breast reduction treatment might be the solution if you’re ready to end the persistent pain brought on by abnormally large breasts.

You have saggy or droopy breasts

Huge breasts can be heavy and uncomfortable. As a result, your breasts’ posture will change due to the sagging and drooping caused by the added weight. A professional fixed this by combining your breast reduction with a breast lift surgery Dubai. This enables the placement of the breasts, making them look perkier.

Your size badly impacts your self-confidence

You must consult an expert for breast reduction surgery as a solution if you feel ashamed and self-conscious because of your huge breasts. Bras and clothing will fit better after a breast reduction, regaining your confidence in your look.

You are unable to engage in physical activity completely

Physical activities like jogging, and jumping might be painful and uncomfortable if you have particularly large breasts. Breast reduction surgery can assist if your breasts make participating in sports and other healthy activities difficult.

The ideal patients for breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery operations across the globe. Although there are no standards for how big is too big to require surgery, here are some factors patients take into account:

  • They might believe their breasts are too big for their physique, whether for aesthetic reasons, physical restrictions on certain activities, or just because they feel self-conscious.
  • Some people experience symptoms like neck aches, shoulder pain, and sleeping problems.
  • They could experience persistent rashes and skin problems in the folds beneath their breasts.


Women who have breast reduction surgery generally have a very high level of satisfaction with the procedure once the excess weight has been eliminated. In general, the sooner you have breast reduction surgery, the better you can have a better quality of life if you’re in physical pain.

Here are some factors that make you unsuitable for breast reduction surgery

Most women who experience mental or physical problems due to their breast size can undergo breast reduction surgery.

You might not be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery, though, if you:

  • If you have a smoking habit
  • If you are obese
  • If you have diabetes and/or cardiac issues
  • If you have a health issue that is not well-known

Breast reduction surgery procedure

Depending on your body type, you might need to spend at least one night in the hospital after breast reduction surgery in Dubai, or you could be able to have it done as an outpatient procedure. You will receive general anaesthesia in all scenarios, meaning you will be put to sleep during the treatment.

The duration of breast reduction surgery ranges from 2 to 5 hours, occasionally longer. Depending on the size and shape of your breasts, how much tissue needs to be removed, and how you wish to appear following surgery, your surgeon may choose from a few different surgical techniques:

breast reductuion surgery in Dubai procedure


A thin tube attached to a vacuum that removes fat and fluid from your breast will be inserted by the surgeon after a few tiny cuts are made in your skin. Small reductions and patients whose skin will “snap back” into place are most suited for this technique.

Vertical procedure:

This procedure is for visible sagging and mild breast reductions. To remove excess tissue and fat, contour the breast, and raise it, the surgeon will make cuts around the areola and down to the crease under your breast.

Anchor or the inverted-T:

The surgeon will make cuts along the crease under the breast, along the areola’s edge, and from the areola to the areola. The ideal candidates for this kind of surgery are those who need significant weight loss and have significant sagging or unevenness.

Your surgeon might stitch up your breasts after using drainage tubes, then wrap them in a special gauze. A surgical bra can also be prescribed for you.

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

After a breast reduction surgery, you must plan to take at least a week off from work or school. Some folks require a few weeks, but every circumstance is unique. Your surgeon will instruct you when to return for bandage and stitch removal visits.

  • You must refrain from participating in any physical activity for at least a month after surgery to heal.
  • You can anticipate fatigue and breast soreness following the procedure. To help you get through the first few days, your surgeon will prescribe you an oral pain reliever. Avoid doing any heavy lifting.
  • After surgery, some patients experience an emotional reaction, such as depression. That might be typical, but discuss your worries with your doctor.

How breast reduction surgery helped world’s #1 tennis star

breast reduction surgery in dubai- simona halep
breast reduction surgery - simona halep

Simona Halep is the top-ranked female tennis player in the world, but without breast surgery, her professional trajectory would have been very different. World No. 1 Halep made the decision to have breast reconstruction early in her career in order to enhance her on-court performance and advance in the sport.

The Romanian underwent surgery at the age of 18 to get her breasts reduced from a 34DD to a 34C in order to enhance her court mobility and reaction times. Halep’s career has taken off since her operation. She attained world no. 1 in October 2017 and won her maiden grand slam, the French Open, in 2018.

Her breast reduction was a crucial element of her career, according to her former coach Wim Fissette.

Consult an expert for guidance on breast reduction surgery

Getting breast reduction surgery is a major decision that requires expert consultation. You must trust the surgeon with your body. Approach Prof Dr Robert Hierner today for an expert opinion and quality treatment. Prof Dr Robert Hierner is one of the most skilled plastic surgeon in Dubai, with an outstanding international reputation.  Book your appointment today!